Updates about Bobbi’s

Hello beautiful people,

I am excited to touch base with you and to update you on Bobbi’s Jeweller and Bobbi’s Gem Journal new directions. Now that’s a mouth full.

As many of you have noticed on social media I am really focused on fine tuning my designs and transitioning into a more natural organic feel. In the past I have released collections of jewellery in spring/summer and fall/winter.

Don’t get me wrong I love designing but recreating my designs to order or made to order became difficult for me.  I felt it took away some of the creative process and I felt more like an manufacturer and less as a free creative.

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How to clean your gemstone jewellery

clean your gemstone jewellery

Have you ever looked down at your ring and thought it needed a clean? Or, you’d like to clean your jewellery but your not quite sure what the best practices are?…. Either way, you are at the right place!  I am here to help you clean your gemstone jewellery!

I have gained a wealth of knowledge as a goldsmith and designer working and educating myself in gemstones! Im super passionate about jewellery and that is why I am happy to share with you my expertise. Continue reading “How to clean your gemstone jewellery”