Happy Canada Day

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Happy Canada Day and welcome to my first blog!!!

Let me introduce myself, My name is Erynn Guild. I am a passionate soul that loves anything Jewellery related that is why I have created this blog to share my passion with you the reader.

I own a business called Bobbi’s Jeweller which features hand fabricated designs using recycled silver and gold. Also, I am currently studying gemology courses through GIA’s education system. When I am not busy running a company and educating myself I am spending time with my wonderful Partner Ryan and a beautiful daughter Jadus. I have a bunch of animals 5 cats and 2 dogs you may be familiar with my husky Cheveyo if you follow me on Instagram as he has been a muse for me on my instastories.  I also enjoy heading outside into nature where I can reflect, rejuvenate and be inspired! it’s super healthy for the soul. Continue reading “Happy Canada Day”