How to find a Trusted Jeweller

trusted jeweller

This week I have put together three tips to finding a trusted Jeweller. I wanted to help you look after your valuable jewellery.

But first!!! I just want to say it is super important when you own valuable jewellery to have a jeweller. You don’t want to just settle for any Jeweller either because you deserve the best.

So how do you go about finding a trusted jeweller? Continue reading “How to find a Trusted Jeweller”

How to clean your gemstone jewellery

clean your gemstone jewellery

Have you ever looked down at your ring and thought it needed a clean? Or, you’d like to clean your jewellery but your not quite sure what the best practices are?…. Either way, you are at the right place!  I am here to help you clean your gemstone jewellery!

I have gained a wealth of knowledge as a goldsmith and designer working and educating myself in gemstones! Im super passionate about jewellery and that is why I am happy to share with you my expertise. Continue reading “How to clean your gemstone jewellery”