Fall Favorites! Cause I’m Feeling the fall vibes!

Red leaves with silver jewellery fall favorites
I know! I know! I am a little behind with my celebration of fall blog/Fall Favorites! I just wasn’t quite feeling the fall vibes, till this week! So here it is better late than never ;).

The leaves have really turned colour here in Owen Sound Ontario Canada. So I went for a hike where I found the gorgeous red maple leaves you can see in the photos above and below.  I was waiting to find some vibrant red leaves to highlight my jewellery. The red in the leaves and the silver in my jewellery really went well I think!

red leaves silver earrings. fall favorites

In celebration of this beautiful fall weather I wanted to share with you My favourite things to do in fall.

When I’m not on my bench making jewellery! Or running around with my family!

I do enjoy some fall favorites here they are below!

I absolutely love long adventurous hikes! Getting out in nature is something I always make time for. After this summer I can really appreciate the fall. The mosquitoes where so bad this year!!! Making my runs almost unbearable.

Fall favorites

I also love going barefoot!! As you can see in this photo above! lol

Eating a good bowl of butternut squash soup! Homemade is the best! Alway a staple during the fall season for me! YUMMMY

fall favorites

Some more of my fall favorites are Cosy sweaters, thick blankets and warm baths!

Let me know your fall favorites in the comments below!!

Happy Fall Everyone!!

Till next time XO

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