How to find a Trusted Jeweller

trusted jeweller

This week I have put together three tips to finding a trusted Jeweller. I wanted to help you look after your valuable jewellery.

But first!!! I just want to say it is super important when you own valuable jewellery to have a jeweller. You don’t want to just settle for any Jeweller either because you deserve the best.

So how do you go about finding a trusted jeweller?

In order to help you locate the Jeweller of your dreams I created three helpful tips you can use while doing your research and locating a trusted Jeweller near you.


Check out the list of Jewellers on these websites!

If you are a Canadian there is a website called the Canadian Jewellers Association. On this site you can locate a jeweller or appraiser in your area that is a member of the Canadian Jewellers Association.

If you are an American there is a website called the American Gem Society. On this site you are able to locate a jeweller as well as an appraiser in your area that is a member of the American Gem Society.

You can be a lot more confident in the Jewellers listed on these sites as they are going to be held up to a higher standard of commitment responsibility and honesty in the jewellery industry.


The next thing I would suggest once you have found a jeweller you’d like to try. Go in for something simple like a cleaning and inspection.

It is my belief that a good jeweller will clean and inspect your jewellery for free, it is a great service that everyone should take advantage of.

This is a great way to see if this is the jeweller for you as they provide the service you can look around and meet the staff and really get a good impression before you commit.

You can also get a battery changed this will be an inexpensive service that will help you determine if you feel comfortable and at ease.

Once you have had your first visit you can decide if you’d like to go back.


The third suggestion I have is ask questions! Most Jewellers have a wealth of knowledge they would love to share, they can tell you about the gems you have and recommend proper care to your sentimental jewellery.

By asking questions you will be able to tell if the Jeweller is invested in looking after your jewellery.

Also asking around in your community what other people’s experiences have been at the Jeweller you are considering can be helpful. If you don’t know anyone look at their reviews online to help you out.

Once you find a great Jeweller they can take care of all your jewellery needs for years to come. It maybe a little of work upfront but with these three tips I am confident you will find your jeweller.

Let’s compile a list of Jewellers in the comment section!!

If you know of a fabulous Jeweller in your area please comment their info below so we can all help each other find a great Jeweller.

Please use this format

Name of Jeweller:

Location of Jeweller:

Contact of Jeweller: Number, website, email

If you have any questions or concerns I will try my best to help you. Please email me @

Till next time XO

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