Garnet and it’s spiritual meaning

In this article we explore Garnet and it’s spiritual meaning, focusing on the historical and present meanings that we have given this gorgeous gem.

Garnets are the birthstone for January, they are mostly known for their dark deep reds but come in an array of other colours green, orange, and pink being the more common alternative colours purple and blue being more rare.

I personally love Rhodolite garnets they are of a pinkish colour. I find there energy to be very appealing and often utilize them while creating jewellery.

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Garnet and it’s Spiritual meaning
  • Spiritually garnets  are known for their healing and cleansing properties.  Wearing garnet jewellery is a great way to utilize their spiritual benefit, but if you enjoy garnets in their natural crystal state having them around will benefit as well.
  • Garnets are one of the oldest gemstones worn for spiritual reason through time even the egyptians adorned this gem for spiritual reasons
  • Historically garnets were adorned in battle on a sword or shield to protect them in battle. Spiritually garnets are still worn to protect one through life journey.
  • It has been used to reduce body toxins, purify vital organs and blood, and assists in assimilation of vitamins and minerals.
  • Garnet is considered a lucky stone, for love, success, and for business relationships. It helps you let go of old behavior patterns and boosts self-confidence.
  • Garnets cleanse and energize the chakras. It revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate.
  • Worn to enhance bodily strength, endurance and vigor. Widely believed to be extremely beneficial to wear a garnet when one had to assert oneself.

Garnets are truly a magical gemstone don’t you think!? let me know your thoughts on this gem in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Garnets and it’s spiritual meaning.

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