Gemstone mugs and stickers!

Sapphire birthstone mug
This mug is my first design demo see the improved imageĀ  here Sapphire September birthstone mug

This week I am super excited to share with you a project that I have been working on in the background!!!!!

I have developed 12 birthstone graphics that are now available as Mugs and stickers. There is a birthstone for all twelve months of the year so you will be able to find your birthstone within my designs.

The designs are simple and clean, each birthstone graphic incorporates a close up image of a flower, because I absolutely love nature and flowers was a wonderful way to personalize this design. Thankfully flowers come in an array of colours making it easy to find ones similar to the actual colour of the gemstone.

I developed the gemstone mugs because I am a huge gemstone enthusiast and had a need to be creative. Also I love a good coffee mug especially if it has coffee in it. šŸ™‚

Take a look at the designs and let me know what you think!!
Emerald May gemstone mug
Emerald May gemstone mug
Aquamarine March birthstone mug.
Aquamarine March birthstone mug.
pink tourmaline birthstone mug
Pink Tourmaline October birthstone mug
diamond birthstone sticker
Diamond April birthstone sticker
Amethyst birthstone sticker
Amethyst February birthstone sticker
Shop the collection at Society 6

All the mugs come in two different sizes ($15.99 – $18.99) and the stickers come in four sizes ($2.99 – $7.99).

I think the gemstone mugs are a perfect christmas gift for a gemstone lover or to celebrate your birthstone. The stickers are really nice too they canĀ  be a great addition to a gift.

I hope you like my gemstone mug design I worked really hard to make sure the mugs where available in time for x-mas gifts!

I hope to soon add these mugs to my website at the moment they are available exclusively at Society 6.

Have an awesome week!
Till next time XO


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