Wedding Jewellery – Spring summer edition

image of wedding jewellery

Wondering what type of jewellery to wear to a wedding?

I know as much as you do when you get invited to a wedding you want to look your best. There maybe friends from the past family members you’d like to impress, better yet you are single and looking. There definitely is a way to wear jewellery at a wedding that adds to the affair, can be matched with even the toughest bridesmaid dress, and at the same time never up stepping the bride. Cause this is her day, right!

I have put together a jewellery guide featuring some kick-ass designers to help inspire you during this summer’s wedding season. Continue reading “Wedding Jewellery – Spring summer edition”

Top five jewellery booths from Art on the street – Guelph Ontario

image of art on the street

Last month I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event called Art on the Street in Guelph.  I was lucky enough to catch wind of this event about a week before it was on. My daughter and I decided to take the trip from our beautiful farmhouse in Kemble, Ontario and head to the city of Guelph. It was a great day for driving,  It was a warm day the sky was blue and full of clouds. It was a typical mother-daughter road trip we laughed, shared stories, sang and had a few pit stops on the way.

Once we found a parking spot we headed to over to enjoy all the wonderful art and in my case jewellery booths displayed at the Art on the Street. There were a lot of booths set up and lots to see as my daughter focused on the art I scanned the jewellery booths finding some really awesome jewellery. Continue reading “Top five jewellery booths from Art on the street – Guelph Ontario”

Happy Canada Day

canada day image

Happy Canada Day and welcome to my first blog!!!

Let me introduce myself, My name is Erynn Guild. I am a passionate soul that loves anything Jewellery related that is why I have created this blog to share my passion with you the reader.

I own a business called Bobbi’s Jeweller which features hand fabricated designs using recycled silver and gold. Also, I am currently studying gemology courses through GIA’s education system. When I am not busy running a company and educating myself I am spending time with my wonderful Partner Ryan and a beautiful daughter Jadus. I have a bunch of animals 5 cats and 2 dogs you may be familiar with my husky Cheveyo if you follow me on Instagram as he has been a muse for me on my instastories.  I also enjoy heading outside into nature where I can reflect, rejuvenate and be inspired! it’s super healthy for the soul. Continue reading “Happy Canada Day”