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Hello beautiful people,

I am excited to touch base with you and to update you on Bobbi’s Jeweller and Bobbi’s Gem Journal new directions. Now that’s a mouth full.

As many of you have noticed on social media I am really focused on fine tuning my designs and transitioning into a more natural organic feel. In the past I have released collections of jewellery in spring/summer and fall/winter.

Don’t get me wrong I love designing but recreating my designs to order or made to order became difficult for me.  I felt it took away some of the creative process and I felt more like an manufacturer and less as a free creative.

This Fall Winter instead of a collection I decided to focus on designing a minimal line of jewellery as signature pieces available at Bobbi’s Jeweller that focus on craftsmanship and quality.

bobbi's solitair bobbis update
Bobbi’s Solitaire a dainty tapered band in recycled silver and a yellow gold setting featuring a gorgeous white sapphire.
bobbis update chain necklace
Handcrafted chain each joint is hand soldered making my signature chain strong made with soul and passion for the craft.
My Spiritual studs four different, very minimal, everyday studs!

I also chose to design one of a kind jewellery that is ready to ship for your convenience, also feeding my desire to create. I am super happy with this direction and I hope you enjoy my work and continue to support me.

Beautiful labradorite necklace one of a kind and ready to ship
Stackable bubble ring! so earthy and magical.

Some of my one of a kind ready to ship items are online right now at Bobbi’s Jeweller. I will be continuing to add my one of a kind ready to ship designs to my online store on a regular basis so there is always something new for you to check out!

I love blogging for Bobbi’s Gem Journal and I want to create great content for you to read and enjoy!

I have noticed that you as a group like certain things or content. Let me know if I’m wrong in the comments below!

As far as I can see you really enjoy my adventures especially as a rock hound! which is awesome cause I love going on adventures! I plan to get out and do some rock hounding hopefully before winter. Doing a lot of research so stay tuned for that.

I also think you really like reviews as I get alot of hits on my Angie Crabtree’s phone case review! I am going to be reviewing more products soon. So, let me know in the comments below if there is a product you’d like me to review I would love to read your suggestions.

Also personal blogs like this one are great because you get to know me a little more and I get to reach out to you for your kind suggestions. Let me know! Would like to get to know me more? Would you prefer a more personal blog?

The things that don’t really work as well are my top 3 of the month they are alot of work to put together and I get some mixed feedback. Let me know what you think!

I must say I have planned one last  blog featuring other jewellery designers for halloween! It’s going to be a good read so stay tuned it launches next week on Wednesday!

As for the future of Bobbi’s Gem Journal I am going to work on the parts of the blog you love!

A few more little announcements!

Sneak peak!  I am so pumped to tell you this! I am working on some apparel. I will be creating some cool designs featuring gems of course! I hope to have them ready for christmas gifts!! I want to tell you more but I can’t!!!!! Please stay tuned and follow me @bobbisjeweller on instagram for more info. If you like gems you’re going to love Bobbi’s Apparel!! So excited to type those words! Yay “Bobbi’s Apparel”!

Also!! I did it I started a little YouTube channel! its really nothing special but I am going to be posting these really short like 30 seconds time lapse videos of me working on my jewellery. The videos will also be posted on my instagram but I wanted to stockpile them on YouTube too. Here is the link to my first video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWLb36Udkg4

Thanks for reading my blog! I truly appreciate it!

Till next time XO



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